Well, the world has changed now hasn’t it. Since my last post a lot has happened with me and also with the world. COVID-19. Wow. As this virus was just starting I left for my annual trip to Club Med. This time we were heading back to Mexico (Ixtapa). When we left it, the virus didn’t really spread to North… Read more →


So I currently just upgraded my studio with some incredible new preamps. I purchased the Warm Audio WA-273 which is a dual preamp that resembles the Neve 1073. I also purchased the Warm Audio WA-73EQ which is the same preamp but with an EQ. And finally I added the Warm Audio Tone Beast TB12 which is just a phenomenal preamp.… Read more →


So I arrived in Punta Cana. Such a great experience leaving the horrible winter we’ve had. Ice. Snow. Cold. Now it’s 29 degrees celcius and I’m loving it. We had our first 2 days off which was great because we got to settle in and be ready for the first show (which is tonight). We will be doing an hour… Read more →


So I’m getting ready to leave for Punta Cana in 5 days. I plan on using the site to post blogs and things that I’ll be doing when I’m there. I’m going to take the three weeks of spare time to work out my future plans for the upcoming year. Right now I’m trying a new app on my phone… Read more →


So 2019 is starting off well. All new beginnings personally and musically. Funktion (my cover band) has now went through some musician changes and is starting a new in January with some new songs. It will be fresh with a name change as well. Big J. We will be hitting the pubs and the corporate gigs in the summer. Looking… Read more →


So a few months back I decided to totally dismantle my studio and give it a complete redesign. It is now set up so much better and makes things so much easier to do any sort of tracking. I removed some furniture and gave more space to the musicians for tracking purposes. I can now see them while recording and… Read more →


I’ve updated my site to include a page with information on how to get me to play on your songs. Demos, albums, EPs. A good song needs some real live drums. Check out the page for more information.   Also available for mixing. Have a project and tried out a studio and aren’t happy with your mixes? Send them to… Read more →

A Year In The Making

It’s that time again for my yearly post. So I’ve been busy with the studio, gigs, Cigar Box Guitar making and life in general. I’ve recorded the upcoming album for The Ramblers to be released in May. Have been working on this record for months. I’ve also recorded a stripped down blues CD for Burn Cast Blues that was loads of… Read more →


So it’s been a very busy summer for me. It seems like each post I write I always say it’s been a while since I’ve posted. It’s tough to keep up on all these social media platforms. 🙂 So this summer I’ve been quite busy with the regular bar gigs, some festivals, corporate parties and playing some Yacht and Golf… Read more →


So today is the first day of spring. I thought I’d celebrate by doing a much needed website update. To start with I realized that my contact page has had an error on it for some time. Not sure how long. Everything was working and then one day it wasn’t. I know my server did some updates so it must… Read more →


The end of the year is approaching. I’ve decided to shake things up and move on to other projects. I’ve decided to leave the Carolyn Fe Blues Collective in order to put time into other projects I’ve been meaning to start and complete. The CFBC is a project that needs full 100% commitment and I wanted to move on to… Read more →


My Cigar Box Guitars are now being carried by MUSI-TEC. A great music store in the West Island of Montreal. All my guitars are now available there so you can swing by and test them out. Perhaps buy one? And you can get any accessory needed at the store for your new guitar (strings, strap, slide, amp etc). Check them… Read more →